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2016 IMMAF European Championships

The 2016 IMMAF European Championships have been announced and teams from all over the globe are getting ready to test themselves against the best amateurs in the world.
The second installment of the IMMAF European Championships will take place from Nov. 22nd through Nov. 26th in Prague, Czech. This tournament promises to be the largest MMA event in the history of the sport and will feature teams from over 40 countries. Joining those teams will be 4 athletes from the U.S. National Team. Gustavo Gomez, Taryn Conklin, Orlando Jimenez and Carlos Castro look to capitalize on their performance at the IMMAF World Championships back in July.
UMMAF Director of Operations, Ryan Brueggeman says, “We are very excited to be competing in this event. The IMMAF Tournament series truly tests an athlete against the best in the world in a safe and regulated environment. Very often we hear about fighters calling themselves the best in the world. It’s events like this that allow them to prove it.” Brueggeman will also be one of the referees of the tournament along with UMMAF SW Regional Director Justin Brown and UMMAF Referee Doug Burch. Under IMMAF guidelines, No official may take part part in a fight involving a fighter from his own country to keep impartiality.
The event Prague will also give fighters a chance to travel and see a wonderful culture and a truly broadening experience. Updates for the Tournament can be found on MyNextMatch.com Keep checking back for Team USA updates!


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