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Board Of Directors


Frank Babcock –  President/ Chief Executive Officer

Frank Babcock is President and Director of KICK International, Marketing and Broadcast Executive, Master Instructor of Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Jiu-jitsu. Frank has developed viewer programming covering competitive combat sports for audiences in arenas and on television throughout the United States. Frank has combined 40 years of marketing and advertising experience at CBS and Charter Communications with his extensive expertise in combat and martial arts to become the primary creative force behind competitive combative sport of amateur Mixed Martial Arts in the United States. Frank developed the medical safety and legal standards for training and competition that are essential to the safety of competitors in competitive combative sports. His refereeing and judging clinics and seminars forged the path to acceptance within the USA. Frank’s dedication to building a strong foundation in combat sports for amateur athletes lead him to co-found Karate International Council of Kickboxing / competitive combative sports in 1981, which evolved into Kick International a 501c3, not-for-profit Corporation formed under the federal standards of the Ted Stevens Olympic Amateur Sports Act, created to develop amateur combative competition for future Olympic Recognition. Kick International/UMMAF is the exclusive representative of the IMMAF and is recognized by a many of the top state athletic directors as the premiere competitive combative sports organization in the United States. The UMMAF / KICK International  has developed the path for recognition by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing body of Amateur competitive combat sports.


Matt Hughes – Director / Public Relations Promotional support

A nine-time World Welterweight Champion of the UFC and a record of 45-9, Matt’s career began in 1996 when friend, Chris Dwyer, approached Matt to fight at a small show in the Chicagoland area. One year later Matt won a second time.  He then teamed-up with a manager and the fights became more frequent. After his sixth fight in the U.S. he began traveling overseas. Since then, Matt has found himself fighting on the foreign soils of Japan, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Great Britain, as well as, from coast-to-coast and Hawaii in his home country.

Matt’s greatest opportunity came in the octagon during UFC 34 when he took the stage against the then-world-champion Carlos Newton. Hughes made the most of this opportunity knocking out Newton in a come-from-behind victory; earning, for the first time, the belt and title as the “UFC World Welterweight Champion.” Matt continued his assault on the record books with the Welterweight Championship by submitting Georges St. Pierre in October 2004 and successfully defended it against Frank Trigg in their historic April 2005 rematch. In addition, he additionally became one of the coaches for the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, which aired in late-2005. In 2006, Matt saw a tremendous surge in popularity and recognition with his high-profile victory over Royce Gracie in May and his victory over BJ Penn in September. In November 2006, he lost the welterweight belt to Georges St. Pierre in a 2nd round TKO (technical knock-out); but has since defeated other top UFC fighters including Chris Lytle, Matt Serra, Renzo Gracie, and Ricardo Almeida.


Robert Lee Hulett – Director Athlete Compliance


Robert competed in Las Vegas as part of Greg Jackson’s team. He also fought amateur MMA and BJJ tournaments for many years.  At the Age of 35 he became a pro and fought seven times in four years with a record of six and one. As the owner of his own gym over the last seven years he began promoting fights because he saw how fighters where being treated.  His program later became known as the Midwest Fight League promoting many fighters, many of whom later became fighters for the UFC, Strikeforce, Titan, K1  and Bellator. Robert also serves UMMAF as a U.S. National Team Coach where he coached current Titan FC fighter, Will Starks to 2 consecutive IMMAF World Championships.


Ryan Brueggeman – Director of Operations/Compliance Officer

Ryan Brueggeman has had a substantial background in wrestling and Martial Arts which carried him though his formative years in Jr. High and High School.  Mr. Brueggeman enlisted in the United States Navy where he continued to wrestle at various events around the globe.  It was during this time Ryan was also introduced to Krav Maga.  Past his competing days, Ryan has been officiating wrestling for 15 years at the State Championship level in Missouri, Massachusetts, Washington and Arizona.  His officiating of wrestling led to his involvement in officiating MMA for UMMAF, having officiated the inaugural and second UMMAF National Championship MMA Tournaments and the Sanctioning Director for the third, as well as the first two IMMAF World Championship MMA Tournaments and served as the Sanctioning Director for the third.  Mr. Brueggeman is also a licensed professional and amateur MMA official in several states across the country.  As Operations Director and Compliance Officer for UMMAF, Mr. Brueggeman oversees negotiations with state athletic commissions and all compliance issues, athlete and gym membership as well as overall responsibility for the overall growth of UMMAF in the United States and also serves as Mr. Babcock’s liaison to the IMMAF Board of Directors, and United States technical advisor to the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation.


David H. Wang MD, MS – Chief Medical Officer

David is a Sports Medicine physician with over 20 years of experience in caring for athletes. He works with nonsurgical techniques for musculoskeletal ailments. He holds a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and has a deep understanding of sports and their unique training regimes. Currently, he serves as Medical Director of a large sports medicine facility and concussion clinic.  His current research includes concussions and the various ways they affect the athlete. David has published numerous articles in various medical journals in an array of subjects affecting the athlete.  He has been involved in the care of kickboxing athletes for over 15 years.



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