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Aggression Session Joins UMMAF for Amateur Sanctioning!

Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix, AZ based MMA promotion, Aggression Session has joined UMMAF to co-sanction it’s MMA events along with the Arizona Boxing and MMA Commission.
“Aggression Session MMA is honored to have been selected to host the UMMAF National Championship Tournament. We are dedicated to the wellbeing of our combatants and providing a safe venue for them to develop their craft. UMMAF embodies the values and standards which we think every promoter should strive to provide to each amateur fighter with the utmost exertion. We are proud to be affiliated and are looking forward to working with UMMAF.” says Aggression Session owner Jody Murphy. Aggression Session will hold its first UMMAF sanctioned event on January 16th in Mesa, AZ! Winners of the amateur fights will upon approval, win a slot in the UMMAF National Championships being held in April in Phoenix, AZ!” says Aggression Session President Jody Murphy.
Aggression Session stormed out of the gates in 2015 with its first event, with excellent matchmaking by matchmaker Jeff Wright. “The quality of fights put on by Aggression Session was really satisfying!” says UMMAF Director of Operations Ryan Brueggeman. “I was siting there watching these fights and thinking that the matchmaking was excellent and the competition was what you would expect to see from a seasoned promotion with several shows under their belt. After a promoter has their first show, you expect a long list of lessons learned to be formatted and applied to the second show. These guys hit it out of the park with their first event and I look forward to seeing what they come up with at their next show! After several conversations with Jody Murphy and Jeff Wright, we felt that Aggression Session would be a great fit for UMMAF and aggressively pursued the partnership based on the quality of event and their professionalism as well as dedication to the safety of the athletes” says Brueggeman.
Aggression Session’s next show and first under UMMAF sanctioning takes place on January 16th at the Mesa Amphitheatre in Mesa, Arizona!


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