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As you well know MMA is a growing movement in the United States of America and across the globe. We totally understand your passion for the sport and dedication to excellence.  Our Leadership Team consists of our Board of Directors and State Representatives who are currently professional athletes, trainers and founding fathers in MMA who share your love for the sport and want to help you succeed as an Amateur Athlete!

To do so, we’re working with global partners within the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) to organize safety standards and training programs to unify the sport for preparation for Olympic consideration.  Just think, all your training and dedication possibly could one day earn you a Gold Medal!  Until then, we’re working hard to help organize safety standards in each state across our country.  These standards will not only make it safer for you to compete, but it also extends the opportunity for greater competition as it will be easier to follow the safety standards from state-to-state thus laying the foundation for Regional and National Competitions.

While we think that’s pretty exciting, there is more!  Members of UMMAF will have their competition activity recorded through our third-party Ranking program.  This program will track the results from each UMMAF event.  Those Athletes who are leaders in their division will earn the opportunity to compete in all-expense-paid International Events representing TEAM USA.


Membership Benefits:

>  Eligibility to Compete in UMMAF Events
>  Faster Check-in at Events
>  Training Tips and Events with Top MMA Athletes & Trainers
>  Ranking Records

ONLINE REGISTRATION:  Use the JOIN link above to submit your membership.   After  you’ve completed and accepted the ATHLETE CODE OF CONDUCT and WAVIER OF LIABILITY acknowledgements, you’ll be redirected to PayPal where your Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account can be used to complete the transaction.


If you have LOCAL NEWS to share or QUESTION / CONCERNS, we recommend submitting them through the CONTACT FORM on this site.  Using this form makes it easy for our Web Team to forward your message to the appropriate parties in our Staff for prompt response.  If you have questions send us a note on our Contact Us Page.


Please feel free to contact us with any question, comments or suggestions.

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