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From the Corner

FROM THE CORNER:Kick Internationals Team USA returned from its fourth trip to South America for International competition this year. This trip to the Pan Am Games saw the UD Team earn three gold and one silver medal.

Team highlights featured Johncy Lindor’s spinning back  that delivered an eight second  knockout in the first round. Lindor went on to win the gold in the K1 140lb division. In his final match Johncy dropped his opponent three times (once to be saved by the bell).
Newest team member, Jen Tran, an Engineering Graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who won the Golden gloves the summer, won the gold in Argentina in the 123 pounds Full Contact division. Skilled and precise, Jen dominated both fights that earned her the gold.
Next Pan Am games were announced to be in Cancun, Mexico. Kick International is teaming up with walk oh of Mexico in an effort to make this most successful hemisphere participation to date.
Prior to Pres. Obama’s announcement of easing relations with Cuba; Kick International last December had requested an invitation from Cuba to bring a team from the United States for competition.
It is not without precedent that Kick International has taken the lead in thawing relations. In 1989 Kick International brought the first Soviet team to United States to compete in a superpowers match that featured great kick champions such as; Don “the Dragon” Wilson, James “widow maker” Warring, Richard” the gator” Hill and Thaddeues Pryor, pitted against the Soviet team that was led by Vitali Klitcko and three other formidable Soviet champions.
Kick International went on host the first events in Moscow when they became the CIS (Confederation of Independent States), and when it became Republic of Russia, hosting in Moscow the world’s largest attended kickboxing event ever when 35,000 spectators, including Chuck Norris in the audience, saw Richard Hill beat Russia’s best. Kick has continued to be the first of many first since then in leading the way in opening relations with countries and organizations to help drive the sport in hopes of being recognized for Olympic competition.


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