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From the Corner with Bob Schirmer – UMMAF

The future is very bright for the USA MMA Team. We won two World IMMAF Championships and are planning to threepeat in 2016. The USA Team has been invited to compete around the World, and the coaching staff and I are anxious to visit foreign soils and do what we do best, “WIN”!

Plans are being made to take the USA MMA team to Beijing China in 2016. Grand Master John Tsai is helping to coordinate this Historic event.

Plans are also underway to compete in the Philippines! This event is being coordinated by KICK INTERNATIONAL President, Mr. Chip Post.

The USA Team is also looking into a trip to Africa where we will be fighting against a very strong African Team. The African Federation President, Raymond Wayne Phillips is preparing for us to bring our best to compete against his team of tough African fighters.

Do you want to get involved? A good first step would be to compete in Jefferson City, Missouri on Jan 22nd and 23rd. Coach Robert Hulett of Midwest Fight League will be running a regional event to find out who will be qualifying for the UMMAF National Tournament. The tournament is restricted to four competitors per weight division.http://www.midwestfightleague.com/

So ,get your Passports in order, save some extra money, get in the best Shape of your lives! We are on a quest to beat the best!!! – Master Bob Schirmer


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