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From the Corner with Master Bob Schirmer

Joseph Mueller, Master Bob Schirmer, and Jose Torres Brazil 2013 Pan Am Games

Job one! the Jab
So how can we use the Jab to observe weakness: First let’s make the jab fast, very fast? The Jab should shoot out straight as an arrow at the eyebrow of your opponent not at his chest. The eyes work in a reactionary way if threatened they blink, its not something that we can control if the jab is up high near the eyebrow the eyes will blink and you as a fighter have that split second to launch another attack, say another series of punches, or kicks. This blinking of your opponent gives you that extra ability to read his movements and take advantage of his position. Taking advantage of a position is exactly what outflanking an opponent is all about.
To get fast at anything physical you must drill speed and in drilling speed there must be a threat that the speed possesses great power. Remember DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, it becomes reaction instead of thought.


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