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From the corner with President of KICK International Chip Post

From the Corner
Summer update:

Congratulations to KICK International as the National Governing Body for; WAKO USA Tatami, United Mixed Martial Arts Federation, and Team USA Kickboxing.


At the US Open: Don Rodriguez, Tom Festa and T. Rhondo, oversaw in competitive trials for their 25th year a Nationally recognized Tatami Team that will represent the United States at the WAKO World Championships. Congratulations to Tom and Don who over the years have made preparation for the US Team the longest standing, most consecutive and successful Team development in the history of Tatami Sports.

At UFC Fight Expo Week: Team USA/MMA   Returned to Las Vegas to defend their World Championship. Coached by Bob Schirmer and Rob Hullet lead by Team Captain Jose “Shorty” Torres, the United States repeated their domination and left the rest of the World in their dust. Coach Schirmer will be traveling with Captain “Shorty” to Bahrain, at the request of the Prince to provide the needed tutelage for the World to “catch up.” Captain “Shorty” will then take flight to Malaysia where he will be an instructor to their National Team. Coach Schirmer will be returning to the Untied States to prepare KICK”S MMA and Kickboxing Team for; Prague, Cuba, Belgrade, South Africa and Mexico.

Overseas Team USA/Kickboxing: After having swept in the Prague Open, taking gold in each division; K1, Muay Thai, Low Kick and MMA, are preparing to return in September for Europe’s K1 Tournament in preparation for the World’s to be held in Belgrade in October and pending government approval a historic trip to Cuba. Coached by both; Bob Schirmer and Pete “Sugarfoot” Cunningham this weeks featured fights are from the KICK International archives; Subject: Sugarfoot didn’t always walk with a limp! Tune in, turn on and learn from the best of the best.


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