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From the Corner: with KICK International President Chip Post

FROM THE CORNERFROM THE CORNER: Had the opportunity to meet with former WAKO and KICK INTERNATIONAL WORLD KICKBOXING CHAMPION, Don “the Dragon” Wilson, Kickboxing’s most prolific Champion of all styles; now, actor and movie producer. Don was in Cocoa Beach, Florida, producing “Martial Arts Kids”. In our meeting, Don accepted Paolo Zorello’s invitation to instruct seminars in the highland retreat of Piracicaba, Brazil, September 4th and 5th. Requests are being made to extend the trip to include São Paulo. Zorello, President of Brazil’s Confederation of Kickboxing, is also hosting WAKO’s ” World Cup of Kickboxing”, August 15 and 16th in Sao Paolo. KICK International’s Team USA has 10 fighters who will be attending and hoping to continue US success. There are still partial sponsorship’s; (room, board and transfers in Brazil), for those who can qualify. We would like to thank one our newest sponsors Mike Shepherd of Advanced Roofing and Sheet Metal whose contribution will help America’s most qualified athletes be part of international competition. Chip Post President of KICK Internationalhttp://ma-mags.com/Mags/BB90/BB%201997-05%20Cov.jpg


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