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IMMAF World Championships Registration info


Good Afternoon UMMAF Champions,

 Each of you has earned your spot on the U.S National Team through hard work and training.  Looking ahead, we need to start focusing on registering each of you for the World Championships.  First, it’s $795 per fighter to register.  That includes your entry fee, room, and food as well as use of the hotel facilities including weight room etc.  Built into that fee is also what it costs the IMMAF to rent the venue in which you fight and sanctioning fees etc. Remember, you also need to get yourself to Las Vegas.  You have until May 27th to let us know if you will be going to Las Vegas.  Your deadline for the $795 entry fee is June 7th.  All money should be sent via certified check or money order along with a printed copy of this email to:
101 W Argonne Rd. Ste. 11
St. Louis, MO 63122
I also need each of you to reply to this email address with the sizes of gloves, shin guards , and shin guards you will need if you plan on going.
Do not hesitate to email me at 781-697-7588 or email me at rcbrueggeman@yahoo.com .
Thank You,
Ryan C. Brueggeman


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