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Shorty with belts





IKF Champion with Don “the Dragon” Wilson and Master Bob




Shorty wins two weight classes at the Pan American games in Iguazu Brazil, with Mueller and Master Bob 110 degrees in the stadium!






12 Golds ,7 silvers, 5 Bronze USA all the way.



Team makes it 4 and 0 in New York unstoppable record for 2013 and 2014 MMA 39-1

Jose “Shorty” Torres
Jose/ Shorty a Chicago native has been in sports all of his life ranging from team and single person sports. One of his biggest interests and expertise is in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He started martial arts at the age of four and it began with Shotokan Karate. Once obtaining his black belt certification after 12 years or training; he slowly transitioned into MMA. At the age of 16, Jose/Shorty was perfecting his skills at Combat-Do with legendary trainer Master Bob Schirmer in Judo, Jujitsu, Jeet-Kune-Do, Boxing, Kickboxing, San Shou, Muay Thai, K1, and Wrestling. Today he a student athlete with a full ride at Division II McKendree University and is currently an amateur MMA fighter with a record of 13-1 and holds many titles under him.
Titles: Wrestling-
• Junior College all American (4th in the nation with most wins in the nation)
• 2x Junior college MVP
• Junior College Athlete of the Year
• And has a Full Division II ride to McKendree University for wrestling and academics
• International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) Champion (135lbs)
• 2x Gold Medalist in Pan-American Kickboxing Championships (125lbs)
Muay Thai-
• Thai Boxing Association (TBA) Champion (125lbs)
• IL vs. Wisconsin Muay Thai Champion (125lbs)
• 2x Missouri MMA Champion (135lbs)
• 3x Illinois American Predator Fighting Challenge (APFC) Champion (135lbs)
• Current USA National Champion (135lbs)
Now at the age of 21, he is set for more battles and accomplishments. He will be finishing his last year of college at McKendree University, a Division II school where he will hopefully gain All-American status again for wrestling and will receive his Bachelor’s in Sports and Exercise Science. Lastly, his next endeavor will be representing his country in the first ever World MMA tournament held in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will be proudly representing and showcasing his country to hopefully another title.



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