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New Sponsorship and Branding rules for the U.S. National team competing at the IMMAF World Championships!








All sponsor branding and logos will need prior approval by IMMAF. Please upload an image of any sponsor logos in the “forms” section of the athletes profile area at www.immaf.technology. Sponsor logos must be submitted by June 26th 2015



1. Sponsorship protocol during the World Championships


  1. These protocols apply to all protective equipment (gloves, shin guards, mouthguards) and athlete clothing worn inside IMMAF regulated competition and media zones
  2. IMMAF will provide gloves, shin guards, competition shorts and women’s tops/rash guards only.

1a. Days 1-4 Only (Excluding the Finals)


  1. The athletes may wear 3 sponsor logo patches on their competition shorts. The dimensions and placing of the logos must adhere to IMMAF specifications, as issued to participants.
  2. The athletes may wear their own/ national federation walk-out T-shirts/ caps/ jackets/ tracksuits into the ring and put on their T-shirt/ cap/ jacket/ tracksuit after the fight for the announcement of the winner, before leaving the ring.
  3. Individual or team sponsors may be displayed on clothing, track-suits, bags and the like which may be worn outside of the competition areas. Please note participants may be asked to remove branded wear for specific media interviews.

1b. All Days Of Competition (Including Finals)


  1. Athletes may wear their own sponsored mouthguards
  2. Individual or team sponsors may be displayed on clothing, track-suits, bags and the like which may be worn and used during the World Championships at all times other than in the MMA ring

2. National team sponsors


  1. National federations may seek sponsorship funds to cover expenses incurred by participation in the world championships such as national tryouts, team leaders, team coaches etc. The national federations may seek sponsorship that exceeds these expenses and goes towards the overall federation work as long as the democratic principles and independence of the federation and the athlete’s amateur status is not compromised.
  2. If there is a sponsor for the national team the participating athletes may, if so decided by the national federation, receive a reasonable reimbursement for competition expenses, not exceeding the actual expenses incurred. This includes but is not limited to the costs of travel, hotel, meals and championship participation fees.
  3. The sponsor of a national federation and/or national team may provide equipment and other goods from their product lines to the athletes. These goods may only be for individual use, directly related to the athlete’s training and competition and may not be converted into cash nor put up for resale.

3. Individual sponsors


  1. i) The national federation decides whether the world championships participation fee is paid by the athletes themselves or covered by the federation through sponsorships or other means. If the athletes themselves pay the participation fee they may seek individual sponsors upon approval from the national federation.

This sponsorship has the same limitations for the individual athlete as in 1b and 1c.



4. Limitations & Prohibited Branding

  1. Prohibited sponsor branding for the FINALS and in the cage and media areas for days 1-4 include that of:
    • Fight equipment
    • Sports clothing companies
    • These may, however, be displayed on on clothing, track-suits, bags and the like which may be worn outside of the competition areas on days 1-4
  2. Prohibited branding in ALL areas for the entirety of the competition includes that of companies associated with:
      • Pornography
      • Gambling
      • Drugs
      • Alcohol/ Tobacco
      • Misogynistic, racist, prejudiced or abusive rhetoric
      • Professional MMA event promoters  Jewellery
      • IMMAF reserves the right to approve or disapprove all branding worn on competition premises by participants throughout the competition

5. Temporary Body Art or Tattoos during IMMAF Competition


Temporary body art or tattoos are not permitted during IMMAF competitions. This includes spray tan stenciling.


  1. Corner Crew


The corner crew should wear sports attire to include either trousers or ¾ length shorts with flat shoes.


For walk out and in competition and media areas, an athlete’s corner crew must wear the same T-shirt or branded clothing as the athlete. If this is not possible, then corner crew should ensure to wear plain T-shirts in the same style and colour as the rest of the corner crew. IMMAF branded T-shirts are also permitted and will be available to buy at the event.



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