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Pat Miletich Endorses UMMAF

In a recent conversation with UFC Champion, Pat Miletich, about the organization of MMA in the United States, he provided the following statement:

[quote]“I strongly endorse the UMMAF and their efforts.  They are compiling an awesome team of Leaders that consist of some of the very best, most dedicated athletes in Martial Artists that I know, and I’m glad to help out in anyway I can.  Most of their staff are fighters that I have known since the beginning of MMA. I know that this is a great group and will take amateur MMA in a positive and safe direction.”  ~ Pat Miletich[/quote]

Miletich Fighting Systems (MFS) was founded in 1997 by Pat Miletich, who was born and raised in the small town of Bettendorf, Iowa. Pat has a long history in sports and martial arts training. His credentials include all-state in wrestling and football, blackbelts in Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, a U.S. Muay-Thai kickboxing title, undefeated in professional boxing, and is a 5x Mixed Martial Arts World Champion.

Pat Miletich has trained more world champions than any other trainer in the world and takes great pride in getting a fighter to the pinnacle of mixed martial arts. However, most people do not know that 90% of the people under MFS have no intention of ever stepping in the ring and fighting.



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