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Rage in the Cage Chooses UMMAF for Amateur Sanctioning!

Date: May 2, 2015:

Rage in the Cage is proud to announce its affiliation with the USA Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UMMAF). UMMAF is the exclusive representative of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation for the development of amateur MMA for future Olympic recognition in United States.

“UMMAF has proven it’s commitment to us and the fighters we promote. By ensuring that strict amateur rules are followed, we can ensure an athlete a safe venue for competition in the crimson cage.” says Nathan Hyland, one of two twin brothers that own Rage In The Cage. “Now there is an avenue for amateur fighters to have a long career as an amateur while honing their skills and hopefully one day fight for the United States in Olympic competition.”

Indeed the chance to fight for the USA might not be far away. UMMAF is holding its annual national championship tournament on May 6th through May 9th in which the winners will advance to the IMMAF World Championships during the UFC Expo in Las Vegas in July. “This isn’t your run of the mill world championship tournament.” Says Ryan Brueggeman, Director of Operations and Compliance for UMMAF. “It’s seems many organizations have a world championship tournament but when you show up, you don’t see any international athletes and maybe only a handful of fighters that call themselves champions at the end. At the IMMAF tournament we get athletes from all over the world from member federations, and fighters must fight over multiple times during competition. If you win, you’re truly a World Champion.”

“UMMAF is truly honored to be part of Rage In The Cage” says Brueggeman. “Nathan and Nolan Hyland represent all that is good in amateur MMA and believe in the same values as the UMMAF.” It is our hope that other promotions follow the example set by Rage In The Cage.”

You can follow Rage in the Cage on their website http://www.rageinthecage.com/ or Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rageinthecageaz?fref=ts . You can learn more about UMMAF at http://usammakif.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/USAMMAKIF

Ryan C. Brueggeman
Director of Operations / Compliance


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