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Rob Alexander Joins UMMAF As Alabama State Representitive

For Immediate Release: April 19, 2017
By Justin Brown- UMMAF SE Regional Director

The United States Mixed Martial Arts Kick International Federation (UMMAF) is extremely proud to welcome Mr. Rob Alexander to our organization as the Alabama State Representative to provide guidance in regards to UMMAF throughout the state and to be a voice to represent AL athletes, coaches and officials on the National level. Mr. Alexander brings his knowledge and experience on board as an asset, as we work together in our goal toward Olympic Recognition of Amateur MMA.

Rob Alexander began officiating Mixed Martial Arts in early 2011 by getting his certification through Big John McCarthy’s COMMAND certification course. Since then, he has refereed upward of 200+ matches, and judged over 500+ more. During the first five years of his career, he was licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration, under whom he worked with multiple promotions, including Superior Combative Championship, Legacy Fighting Championship, and Bellator. After moving to Huntsville, Alabama, in 2016, he has held licenses by the Alabama Athletic Commission and the Tennessee State Athletic Commission.

Rob has a black belt in Tomiki Aikido, though he continues to pursue training in Aikido, judo, Brazilian jujitsu, and Muay Thai/kickboxing. He currently spends most of his training time at Trian Martial Arts Academy in Huntsville. When not working the MMA field, Rob pursues his career passion as an aerospace engineer, where he has worked over 20 years in different programs for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Rob also officiates football at the high school and collegiate levels, and is an avid world traveler.

The UMMAF team is thankful to have Rob on board to help support and raise recognition for UMMAF throughout AL, for the benefit of local athletes and promotions. UMMAF is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit organization sponsoring a host of programs dedicated to amateur martial arts. The organization was formulated exclusively for the establishment and development of general practices within amateur Mixed Martial Arts in the USA as the official governing body for MMA in the USA representing the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF). IMMAF is the only World governing body of MMA internationally acknowledged to develop the sport of MMA as a developing Olympic sport. The UMMAF is the only organization established, audited and approved by the IMMAF, to develop MMA athletes in the United States for recognition on the World stage in critically important National and International events which will qualify the sport for inclusion in the Sport Accord, which is the next step to Olympic recognition.

Lets welcome Rob on aboard the UMMAF team and wish him continued success with his contributions toward the growth of MMA!


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