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Rules For Corner Personnel

  • Please arrive on/before the report time provided by promoter

  • Follow the Locker Room Directors/UMMAF Inspectors instructions.

  • Only water and electrolyte drinks in their sealed original containers in the locker room/warm up area.

  • No food, energy drinks or supplements of any kind in the locker room/warm up area

  • Any alcohol, controlled substances will result in disqualification, event ejection and or immediate suspension.

  • Only licensed personnel (corners and coaches) are allowed in dressing room. Exceptions require prior permission.

  • Offensive clothing, placards, emblems, etc. are prohibited.

  • Hygiene issues will be taken care prior to walking (Finger and toe nails trimmed & excessive body odor will not be tolerated

  • Henna type tattoos are prohibited.

  • Piercing an implants accessories are prohibited. No eye contacts; unless allowed by the state commission who has jurisdiction.

  • Soft hair ties only. No hard metals or plastics

  • Hand wraps will need to be inspected before fighters glove up

  • Only pre-approved gloves provided by the promoter are allowed. Discrepancies will be addressed by UMMAF officials

  • Do not tamper with or try to break the gloves in any way.

  • Only neoprene or elastic supports for the ankles and knees only ( no elbow supports). Ankles can be taped but not excessively to form a cast. Taped ankles must be covered by neoprene or elastic support wrap.

  • Supports may not have braces, metal, plastic, etc. of any kind.

  • No excessive taping/wrapping of any kind (other than to keep your hand wraps in place 10 yds per hand).

  • Be ready leave the dressing room when instructed. (do not leave locker room area without letting UMMAF official know)

  • Anti social behavior of any kind to include name calling, gestures, vulgar/offensive language, etc. will result in disciplinary action.

  • Only light coat of grease on the face (below eye brows and above nostrils) will be applied in the fight prep area; nothing else anywhere.

  • Ice in a bag only or ice pack; no loose ice at ringside. Do not fill corner buckets with ice and water.

  • Coaches must remain seated in chairs, do not pound on cage/ring apron. Coach the fighter NOT the Referee

  • When a Contestant is down/knocked out/stopped, corners will not enter the cage/ring until authorized by a referee or physician.

  • Enter and leave the cage/ring only when instructed and by the opening or corner. Do not jump in or out of the cage/ring.

  • No photography or video by corner during contest.

  • Do not use offensive language during the “in the post fight ring interviews”.


Please feel free to contact us with any question, comments or suggestions.

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