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six for six in Canadian MEDAL COUNT




Pete in Canada


Ashley vs Lortenzo


Team USA CanadaCali BoysChipandTeamPeteandNealAfterwork!KazFlagsUSAMEXICOAND CANADA

Omari vs Neal for the Title two USA fighters in the Final



Omari vs Georgia

Johncy Vs German

Mike vs Neal

 Daniel vs DJ Miller

Ashley vs 2nd Fight


The six members of the USA Team came back with silver and gold!

The team looked unstoppable in the North American Championships  WINNING THREE GOLDS!

The team had twice members from the USA fighting each other in the finals earning two silvers and we as a team received another silver.

Chip Post and Team Coach Pete Cunningham did an awesome job . stayed tuned for a break down of the fighters and their accomplishments.


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