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Thanks from Canadian Heavyweight Grizz McNeil

I just want to say that I had an amazing experience training at combat-do in Cicero Illinois. Whomever is on Team Canada you guys missed out on what it takes to be great from the mental and physical aspect. I ve have never been push so hard to reach that ultimate satisfaction of fatigue, and still have the will, desire, passion, to go beyond what I thought I could do. Team Canada you missed out on an opportunity to develop your skill, build new relationships, and training with excellent athletes. I would like to thank Master Bob Schirmer for welcoming us like family to your DoJo, and Rohit for taking the time from the long weekend to bring us to Cicero Illinois. I cannot wait for the next I get the train with my American brothers and sisters. Lastly, to Team Canada, I leave you with this, you want to go pro? Then start acting like it. Make those sacrifices to become a championship by training and taking advantage of opportunities that may only come once in lifetime. You make think you know what training is, but I promise you had you gone to Cicero Illinois your mind would had been blown away as mine was.


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