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UMMAF Partners with Locker 81 to Help Gyms

ummaflockerThe USA Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UMMAF) announced today that it is collaborating with Locker 81 Fundraising Solutions to introduce a unique fundraising program that helps gyms receive a growing and continuing revenue stream without constantly asking for donations and producing risky events.

Frank Babcock, the organization’s president, explains how easy it is for supporters of UMMAF fighters and gyms to participate. “Once your supporters have their cards, you are raising funds from everyday spending: Grocery, Gas, Travel, Mortgages, Clothing, Restaurants, and practically all other kinds of spending. Getting involved is easy; visit our website www.UMMAF.org and sign up.”
Supporters receive an UMMAF PrepaidDiscover Card that will provide gyms and other UMMAF support organizations with residual income, thereby reducing –and eventually eliminating –the need to start over with a new fundraiser every year. “These products are instrumental in achieving our goals of the safety of our sport, and helping our fighters gain prominence on a national level,” Babcock says.

UMMAF is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enable US amateur athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence, develop character, and support the efforts for all amateur Mixed Martial Arts. UMMAF provides the infrastructure to promote and grow MMA in the USA and through international competition.

Locker 81, founded by NFL Hall of Famer and former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown, is a provider of fundraising mechanisms for youth and amateur sports organizations, as well as for non-profit organizations.


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