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USA big winners in the Czech Republic

Last week Kick International sent a team of US amateur fighters to the Czech Republic to compete against 13 other countries:

Johncy Lindor: winner of gold at the Pan Am games won golds in Prague in both K-1 and Full Contact. His knockout spinning back fist has now become known as as a “Johncy”. Before turning pro this year he is considering doing a fight to raise funds to build wells in his Native Haiti. He will be “Kicking for Clean Water”.

Germain Baltazar won gold under the modified muay thai rules. That makes the UCLA philosophy major undefeated; having won the world cup in Brazil at K-1; winner of the Irish Open Full Contact, and gold in the North American championships and now the Czech Open. Oh yeah and by the way, as a warm up to compete in Europe he defeated Argentina’s Pro 140 pounder who had a record of 47 and two.

Last but not least, Jose “Shorty” Torres. Last year NCAA Wrestling Runner up and Amateur World MMA champion has been labeled “the professor” after the schooling he gave to the Europeans. “No one can touch this” was quoted by German photo documentarian filming the event. (See photos attached).

Acting Pres. for Kick International Chip Post and team coach Pete “sugar foot” Cunningham accepted the Europeans challenge to return to Prague, September 21st. The always colorful “sugar foot” was quoted as saying, “if they want to give away gold we’ll come back and take it.” Kick International has already acquired sponsors for; hotel, food, fees and uniforms.

Kick International just hosted a “Breakfast of Champions”, announcing that Kick International, (WAKO representative since 2006 and holding two votes)has been invited by the Cuban government and WAKO’s Cuban representative to bring the United States international team that Kick International has developed to compete in Havana. From that breakfast featured members of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale business community welcoming and hoping the return of a team from Havana to compete in Southeast Florida.USA win big in Praque


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